Alerting the user without putting a constraint or a confirming message

Hello Team
Am looking for a code for alerting the user without having it in a constraint or let me just say I want confirming message

Many thanks

The easiest way to do this is with an “if” clause. For example, with the file below, in section 1_0_statistical_identification, on row 165 we try to get GPS coordinates. But sometimes there is an issue with signal or something and it is not possible. So if the enumerator continues, on row 167, there is an “if” so that if the GPS is null, they have to confirm that they try multiple times, go outside, and really cannot get a GPS coordinate, before they continue. We use yes_ack which is a select_one with only one response (yes) as the values list. quest1_00_0_ELMPS.xlsx (461.7 KB)

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