Assign survey to certain fieldworkers

Is there a way in ODK-X to hide a survey from some fieldworkers?

Hi @Tshepo_Sotiya!

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You can make it so fieldworkers can only see some surveys – for example, you can have it so that supervisors can see all the surveys for their team, fieldworkers only the surveys assigned to them, etc.
It takes a bit of setup time, but once we had it set up it worked great in our fieldwork.


Dear Caroline,

In the link you shared, I couldn’t find how to assign groups to metadata field such as _GROUP_READ_ONLY or _GROUP_MODIFY.

Si Thu

Hi @sithu!

Per the documentation, “Control of who can see, modify, or delete an individual row is governed by the row-level access filter columns of that row and that row’s sync status. As described earlier in this page, these filters are stored in the row itself under the _default_access, _row_owner, _group_read_only, _group_modify, and _group_privileged metadata columns.”

and “Super-users and administrators can update the row-level access filters via the JavaScript API:”

Basically this means that when you update the row-level access filters then the metadata fields will be assigned.