Autocomplete searchable list select one (1.6 MB)

Thank you all for your help.

Little question like that, would it be possible to make this autocomplete functionality “native” in ODK-X? It seems to me that it would be useful not only for me. I was watching the demos and several had long list which is very difficult to browse and select …

@chrismclarke Sorry for the response time, I was on another job. I also tried to figure out and see what was wrong on my side. The version of Chrome on my tablet is 9. It may be in my table, since the list is not called. Here my file. The table where there is autocomplete is called adresse.

Thank you very much again

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Hi @Patrick30! We are always excited for folks to help contribute features to ODK-X! If you suggest this on the Forum as a Feature (in Features category) and raise an issue on github those are good ways to start. Especially if you have the technical skills to implement that would be super helpful! Check out some of the developer info here if interested:

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This is an FYI …

To clarify about your previous question about why “Chrome”…

The answer is you are right it’s not chrome but instead “Chromium” which Chrome is based on. ODK-X uses Android’s native webkit to render a lot of the UI. The webkit used to be part of the OS but then it did not get updates so it became a system package (APK) like “play” or “clock” that gets regular updates.


@Patrick30 - I’m definitely not in the best position to comment on adding to odk core as I’m just an independent developer, but the answer from @elmps2018 sounds like a really good starting point.

I definitely think it would be nice to have a few more question types and examples, although I think this current case might not be the best one given the potential incompatibilities we’ve discussed in the thread (one of the things I really like about odk-x is that when things work they seem to work consistently well everywhere).

Another option is would be for some form of template to make it easier for community members like you and me to develop/maintain/showcase/share custom examples that would be of use to others. I know there is a forum thread for showcase, but personally I’d rather some sort of system where you can see the code working in real-time. If we ever get this working it could be a good example case :smiley:

As for getting things working, the folder you sent works fine for me on Android 7.0 so I think still it’s most likely a device issue. I’d say the easiest way to fix would be to visit on your device and send me a copy of the device information displayed via private message (I don’t think this should be of interest to others at this stage, also feel free to remove IP and/or any information that could be sensitive, all I really care about is Device, OS and browser so you could just copy the first few lines) and we can just take it from there.


Thank you all very much for your help. Unfortunately, I will fall back on ODK Classic to create my forms.

The problem I have on my side doesn’t seem to be due to an Android or Chrome version mismatch. And, as I am far from mastering javascript …

That said, I think it would be interesting for the Jquery-UI library to be part of the ODK-X application system or for the autocomplete to be natively integrated into the form.

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I also have this problem, if someone has a solution, please tell me

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