Changes in ODK 2.0 once application / questions are finalized and uploaded to aggregate

Dear ODK Community,

I was wondering if it would be possible in ODK 2.0 that the structure is modifiable once application is finalized and uploaded to aggregate e.g. a new question is added or something is removed/updated.


Ayub Zafar

Aggregate is part of the ODK 1 suite of tools. The list of ODK2 tools is here. Can you please add more details to your question?

Thanks for the reply, I thought Aggregate was still part of ODK 2.0, so i believe handling application structure would be more flexible than before, e.g. addition of new fields, removing certain fields and even update would be possible right (through ODK Cloud end points)?

@Ayub, you are correct that Aggregate is one of the ODK 2’s Cloud Endpoints. However, Aggregate does not support all the features of ODK 2 (only a subset) and is scheduled to be deprecated in October with removal of all support starting there after.

While it is true, that you can add/remove/change the questions in a form/survey, the form/survey still has to store its data in a database table. The catch is you CANNOT change a database table you can only replace it. Multiple survey’s can use the same database table so you can have different survey’s ask different questions (or a subset). For example people keep the entire patient data in database row and then make different forms/surveys to update/change different parts of the record. Therefore it is possible add/remove/change questions; however, the database table cannot change it can only be replaced.