Default column in survey sheet does not work

I am using odk-x version 2.1.3 rev 232.

I am trying to add a default value (to default column in survey sheet) to a select_single type. It did not work. At first, I thought I might be using wrong string format. I tried different format, using single quotation marks, double quotation mark and no quotation mark at all. Still, it didn’t work.

So I tested with an integer type. And it did not work either.

I looked through all sample applications coming together with the download and I cannot find any example using default column in survey sheet of odk-x xlsx forms.

Can somebody please give me some suggestion on what could be going wrong?

Si Thu

p.s. I found some examples using default column in odk-1 xlsx forms.Those examples do not work in odk-x.

In general, the ODK examples and syntax do not translate into ODK-X; they are different designs. Check ODK-X documentation for what is included:

I have not seen the default value column in ODK-X so it probably does not exist.

However, you can use assign prompt type to assign a value to a variable and this would work like a default, see in

Thank you very much, the assign prompt type works.

In the documentation however mentioned the ‘default’ as one of the optional columns of survey sheet. It should be removed.