Develop odk App with odk2.0

Hello. i need some guidance. I wish to advance/develop my odk App from odk1.0 to odk2.0, mya pleae advice on the features in odk2.0

There is a great comparison of the features of the two tools here:

that can help you think through whether the switch is right for you and what features are available.

Thanks for linking that @elmps2018. We’ve actually got the ODK 2 docs live on the now, so the new version of the link you provided is:

For this page its basically the same, but the rest of the docs have seen some improvements (and should at least look nicer). There are also fairly large changes currently being code reviewed.

@capitalgerald That tool selector page is the best place to start. After that, if you want to read a bit more about ODK 2 you can start at the home page of the odk 2 docs or try out the Getting Started Guide, which gives you a brief tour and lets you get a better feel for the difference: