Error : sync was interrupted by another device


I use ODK 2.0 tools. I deployed forms on 4 tablets which used ODK Survey.
When I setting ODK Aggregate details. It validates permissions access.
First time, I sync ODK Aggregate on tab1 the sync is a success. Nonetheless if I try to sync ODK with others tablets I have this error :

The server config was reset during this sync. Please restart.
sync was interrupted by another device.

I think tab1 block the communication channel. On Tomcat, I try to force the end of communication but the problem persist.

If somebody have more hindsight in this topics, I will appreciate this help.
Have a good day,

Dear Benjamin,

Hopefully you have solved this problem by now, but in case you have not (and for reference for users who get a similar error):

I ran into the same problem on my tablet during development when we had been revising our survey and accompanying files repeatedly. It seems to be a known problem with schema:

The fix that worked for us was deleting the accompanying asset files on ODK Aggregate under “Manage App Level files” and re-pushing those to the tablet, resetting the app server, and re-syncing.

The error message was inaccurate and has been changed in the rev 210 release.

This error indicates that the schema for one or more tables has changed on the server in a way that is incompatible with the schema of that table on the device doing the sync. i.e., you have changed data types or added or removed columns in one or more of your tables.

In this case, we require manual intervention by the user to delete the content on the device. This ensures that the wholesale destruction of data on the device is actively controlled by the user.