Get Changesets API from the ODK-X Sync Protocol


I’m not able to use the “Get Changesets API” from the ODK-X Sync Protocol.
I’m always getting an empty changeSets.

I don’t see where I’m wrong as requesting the “Get All Data Changes Since… API” or the “Get Changeset Rows API” with the same data_ETag is working.

{appId}/tables/{tableId}/ref/{schemaETag}/diff/changeSets?data_etag={dataETag}   # 'changeSets' empty
{appId}/tables/{tableId}/ref/{schemaETag}/diff/diff?data_etag={dataETag}          # 'rows' not empty
{appId}/tables/{tableId}/ref/{schemaETag}/diff/changeSets/{dataETag}              # 'rows' not empty


To follow the bug :