GSoD: document features and customization, simplify server setup

The ODK-X suite supports complex workflows via JavaScript customization and features non-sequential navigation, bi-directional synchronization, and on-device data management.

Project description
The ODK-X tool suite is highly customizable and can support complex longitudinal data analysis. However, since the suite is in the introductory stage of the technology lifecycle, many of the features of the tool suite are not yet documented. For example, the injected JavaScript interfaces that expose functionality could be customized to build data collection logic, but are not currently documented. There are numerous features of these developing tools that are evident in the underlying code or mentioned in the ODK Forum community but not documented for users to exploit. We would like to document all these great features!

We have also recently created new ODK-X Cloud Endpoints that are servers that communicate with the other ODK-X tools. ODK-X Sync Endpoint, an implementation of Cloud Endpoints, requires substantial setup, including setting up Docker and enabling Swarm mode. Users have struggled to implement the steps in the current documentation. The usability of the tools underlying Sync Endpoint has substantially improved, but the documentation has not. Updating and streamlining this documentation would help solve the single greatest challenge our users face.

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