How to escape a constraint variable that has been skipped by a skip pattern

I have a constraint variable that takes numbers 1-4.The problem is that when this question is skipped via a skip pattern it still appears at the final end of the questionnaire and insists that it must be filled first.
What can I do so that when it skips through skip pattern it does not resurface in the final end
And the issue of validating dates where for instance
date of enrollment should precede date of birth. You need to be born first before enrollment into school
Anybody with this code please assist. Am in dire need. I need a code that does the dates validation

In the constraint, you can constrain the question to be 1-4 or null. Then so long as you require the question when the skip patterns are such that it should be answered, this should solve your problem. If it’s required, it can’t be null so must be 1-4, and when it’s not required, it can be null.

I think we answered the dates validation question here : Is it possible to validate dates in odk-x - #3 by hissdev

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