Implementing double metaphone and soundex in odk-x

Hello team
Is it possible to implement double metaphone and or soundex in odk-x?
If possible how?
Kindly help

ODK-X is designed to be very extensible through JavaScript, so the answer is yes depending on your exact requirements.

Two possible approaches:

  1. For any variable you want encoded in soundex in the database, simply add a second variable in the form model that you assign a value to using a calculates which is simply javascript code. You can do this all within the XLSXConverter form definition. (Easier)
  2. If you could also create a custom prompt type in Survey by simply extending the existing prompt type so you keep all the existing JavaScript prompt code and you simply add your conversion on top. (Harder)

There are also other approaches depending on what you are trying to do but this is at least two methods to give you examples.

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