Internal server error out of quota

Hi All,
I just got the error "Internal Server Error (out of quota?) multi times when verify user permissions. After 03 hours, I try to verify user again, the issue is resolved automatically and it’s working fine. I hardly fine root cause of the issue.
Not that:

  • I don’t upgrade aggregate version.
  • ODK aggregate is not over quota.

If you have experience with issue, please share.
Thank you so much.

Hi @Tran. The root cause is probably you are out of quota. Enable billing and be sure to use the latest versions of Aggregate. and have good resources to get you started.

Hi @yanokwa
Thank for your help.
I got it your idea.We don’t use google engine. Our Aggregates server connect to AWS service and don’t need to enable billing for this case.
For the case upgrade version, we hardly do that due to many people in different sites and it’s working fine so far.

My ODK version as bellow:

  • ODK Tables v2.0 Alpha-8 rev 206
  • ODK Services v2.0 Alpha-3 rev 206

I try to find root cause to avoid the issue that cause of loss data. Unless two case above, do you know more case cause of the issue?


You are using very old versions of the ODK2 suite. I’d encourage you to review the docs at and upgrade.

I think so, Thank you so much, @yanokwa