ODK 2 Roadmap

  1. Can we have general idea of what the roadmap for ODK 2?
  2. Is there a way to get the ODK in a library/gradle format so we can incorporate the code in our app?
  3. Do the users need to install ODK services and ODK survey on their devices going forward? Are there ways for us to integrate them on a single APK?

Dear @jovel,

  1. We have just been starting to lay out the goals and some items under consideration for the roadmap during community calls. You can check out the work-in-progress here:

  2. I am not quite sure what you mean about incorporating the code in your app – when you download ODK2 app designer you should then be able to build your own app.

  3. Yes, currently you need to have both ODK survey and ODK services. I don’t think there are plans to integrate them as they play very different roles (data collection and syncing).