ODK Aggregate replacement - API to share ODK2 forms with ODK Survey

I need to development an application similar to ODK aggregate, to share my forms and store data in my database after form submission.

For instance, I need to create an API to share my ODK2 forms. How to implement it? any suggestion or guidance.

@yanokwa, @Mitch_S, @Batkinson Hi, I need your guidance regarding develop a web-application that could handle basic operations that are performed by ODK-Aggregate such as,

  • upload/register ODK2 forms
  • API to share ODK2 forms list with ODK servery
  • API to store the filled submitted form in database.

I read your bellow posts but they are not clear for me to understand.


The ODK2 server, Sync Endpoint, has a REST API that you could call to implement your program (link to doc). In addition to the API, we also have a Java library, sync-client, that makes it easier to work with the API. We would recommend you use the library instead of working with the API directly.

Some examples of programs that consume the Sync Endpoint API: