ODK Survey Blank Forms List Response

For ODK collect we use either xformList or formList url to fetch the blank forms from server.

What should be the API and response pattern for ODK2, ODK Survey? Can anyone please share the sample response to understand the difference between ODK1 and ODK2.


Data in ODK2 is organized by tables. Each table could contain 1 or more forms. Because of this hierarchical difference, there isn’t a way to fetch a list of all forms.

To get a list of tables,
API Reference link
Sync-Client link

The form definition for ODK 2 is stored as a table-level file. Table-level files should be accessed through the table-level file manifest.

To fetch the manifest,
API Reference link
Sync-Client link

The manifest will contain the URL for each file. The form definitions are stored in formDef.json files. The files in the manifest that have this filename pattern: tables/{tableId}/forms/{formId}/formDef.json are the form definitions.

Reference for formDef.json