ODK survey reloads after the device screen goes off or is minimized


whenever working with survey, the form reloads the current page after the device’s screen goes off or if the survey app is minimized and then reopened or if the overview button is pressed and then the survey app is selected.
I am creating some elements dynamically in the handlebars which of course vanishes after the reload,

How can I disable this auto reload feature of odk survey, Please help me regarding this.


There currently isn’t a way to disable the reload. Survey uses reloading to fetch data from the database, so it reloads when it is maximized (or resumed in Android terms). Since other programs could also modify the database, Survey needs to make sure that it has the latest copy of the data. You could submit a feature request at github.com/opendatakit/opendatakit.

If you could post more detail on what you’re trying to do, maybe we could find a workaround to the issue.

Thanks for the reply @linl33,
Well I want to create more the one members in a subform having the subform opened only once, for this I create the form as many times as I want dynamically in the handlebars using of course javascript and then adding all the rows to the database which is working but that issue of reloading causes many problems
For example if I have inserted data for say 6 members and then my hand touches the overview touch button of device by accident then I have lost all my data as it reloads and I have to re-enter the data

Hope I have cleared the point