ODK tool that produces graphs/charts on the mobile device

Hello all,

I’ve been reading about ODK v2.0 and the potential of having data summarised in graph/chart form on a mobile device. Is that actually working? Could anyone share with me some examples of how this is looking in reality?

I’m interested in this as an epidemiologist who would like to see key data being returned in an easily-digested format to data collectors during outbreaks.

If ODK survey/tables is not currently capable of this, does anyone know of a mobile collection tool that would allow such data visualisation?

Thank you very much!

Dear Patrick,

The ODK 2.0 sample applications include working graphs. See, for example:
This is graphing data on agricultural plot yields over time, but I imagine that you could do something equivalent for, for example, cases of a disease outbreak in a community over time.

You can download the ODK 2.0 tools and they include the demo apps. Here’s a list of the sample applications:
that you can read through to see the tools’ capabilities.


Dear Caroline,

Thanks a million for sharing that.

I was having difficulty finding the documentation for their demo apps.

Much appreciated.