ODK-X Tables: Error Translating ""

I have some forms running on ODK Tables. After migrating to ODK-X Tables, it displays as Error Translating <Form Title>. Form title is defined in xlsx file. Could someone have a look at attached xlsx file and guide me how to make it work with ODK-X Tables. Thanks. adult_release.xlsx (491.7 KB)

Hi @Thien_Mai! So there isn’t exactly an ODK tables but we did change the naming ODK-X, so I am guessing you were on version 2.0.6 or something and trying to migrate to version 2.1.6 which is the current one. In the switch from 2.0 to 2.1 some of the column headers changed. It looks like, for example, you still have:
but now you need

See this post that mentions the updates: Need documentation on "opendatakit" JS Object API

If you download a clean copy of app-designer v2.1.6 you can see lots of examples of how those headers are used which may help.

Thanks Caroline, it really helps.

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