ODK-X Tables updating after structure change

Hi ODK Forum members;

My question is about ODK2 Tables and Services

I have updated my forms and tables. I then updated the ODK2 Aggregate server successfully. I followed all the processes outlined that is:

-Do the update of the forms and convert them using Application Designer
-Downloaded the current files from the server.
-Upload it onto ODK Tables of the development tablet.
-Deleted the tables from ODK2 Aggregate
-Reset the APP SERVER which also automatically loads the data from the development tablet.

Now I want to refresh other tablets and its giving me an error message: The server config was reset since the last time you synced, and the schema has changed. The sync has been aborted.
I tried Reset Configuration but still it doesn’t seem to work.

The only workaround I got currently is to delete all the tables one by one then Sync. This will enable all the latest tables to be populated.
However this process is not good as it means this will have to be done by data collectors which is dangerous as they can do so mistakenly any other time and data may be lost.

I need the tablets to be reset with the latest structure from the server. Is there something I am missing?

Thank you in advance.

When the tablets have something different from the server, I think you will need to clear the tablets in some fashion to sync the new material down. Otherwise the sync can’t figure out what to do with conflicting information about the same table. It should be easier than deleting tables one by one, though. There are probably a few ways to do it; delete the old opendatakit folder would probably do it, maybe reinstall the apps as well.

The fastest is to delete the opendatakit folder on the “external storage/sd card”

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