ODK2 String tokens for text, integer, and decimal prompt labels

Hi all,

Are there string_tokens for the text, inteteger, and decimal prompts.

I’m translating my ODK2 survey using the framework_translations sheet, and i would like to translate the “not specified” label in the text, integer and decimal prompts.
Based in the other string tokens i’ve tried guessing but haven’t had any luck so far.

I have the same problem too about translation the framework. I tried “integer_label” but it doesn’t work.

Same here.

To remove a label you can however use an “inputAttributes.autocomplete” column and set the value to “off”.

This is my current fix, until I find a solution to the translation problem.

If you only are using 1 language, you can use “inputAttributes.placeholder” column where the value specify the name of the label:

type name display.prompt.text inputAttributes.placeholder
integer age age of child age in days

Here “age in days” will be the label of the input field.


Currently there is no builtin ways of translating that.
Your options are,

  1. Like you mentioned, put a static value in inputAttributes.placeholder
  2. Use a custom prompt