Passing variable to subform - ODK-X

Platform in use: ODK2 running on Aggregate

Scenario: I have two forms Member Enrollment and Followup sub form. A single member will have 1 or more followup forms. There are certain question on the sub form which are dependent on the Age and Gender captured on the Enrollment form.
I am able to pass the identifier Member ID to the Followup sub form.

Challenge Passing more that 1 variable from the Enrollment form to the sub form; in this case the Age and the Gender. There are questions on the sub form which are dependent on these two variables.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

The process for feeding age and gender from the member subform into the follow up subform is going to be very similar to that for member ID.

In the queries sheet, newRowInitialElementKeyToValueMap column, you list the variables you want to map like this:

{school_id: data(‘school_id’),
school_name: data(‘school_name’),
assessor_id: data(‘assessor_id’),
assessor_type: data(‘assessor_type’) }

So I think yours would be something like:

{member_id: data(‘member_id’),
age: data(‘age’),
gender: data(‘gender’) }

Be very careful about the punctuation. Missing a colon, comma, or quote tends to be what I mess up.

Right on point. Thanks a lot, it has worked super well.