Quickest way to survey forms for ODK2?


I am very new to ODK, and chose ODK2 as the more complete toolset for starting out.

However, I have little time to quickly string up a couple of survey forms (which are not the simplest because they will be making reference to csv records in external files). Have been working through the docs on developing new applications in ODK2 Application Designer … and this has been very slow going.

So, I am wondering whether I can perhaps take a short-cut by using the offline ODK1 Builder, and exporting the end product to XLSForms which could then be imported into the ODK2 App Designer.

So, just seeking for insights and guidance here:

  • Can ODK Builder handle referencing data in external csv files ?
  • How would I quickly use an existing XLSForm as a starting point for ODK2 application designer?
  • Is there an another quicker (or easier to get started) way of creating surveys for use with ODK2 Endpoints ?

Thanks in advance for pointers, suggestions …