Searching records in Odk-x survey

Hello team
Is there a way in survey I can search forms rather than scrolling through.I have close to 100 records.When I want to update a particular form I have to go through forms.Is there away I can do a search rather scrolling or is there an easier way?

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Hi @Duncan_Otieno! At the moment we do not have a standard search or autocomplete type of prompt, although @W_Brunette mentioned on the last community call that one is in the works. In the meantime you might be able to customize something, see: Search in table and list results. (ODK tables)

The first screen in Survey is customizable so you could make your own if you want. If you are interested I can dig up some of the details.

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Many thanks @elmps2018 and @W_Brunette .
@W_Brunette Am interested and would really appreciate the help

Many many Thanks

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When you launch a form in Survey it uses a default “Initial Speadsheet/Worksheet.” You can create a custom Initial Worksheet to control the first screen users see.

There is documentation on changing Survey’s workflow. Here is an example allowing you to skip the saved instances if you supply an “instance ID.” The idea being that no need to select the instance if you already provided it in the intent that launched Survey. The instances selection screen is the default which is called by the default “Initial Spreadsheet/Worksheet”. Instead you can change the opening and finalize workflow by adding a custom “Initial worksheet”.

Here is an example thread of someone changing Survey’s workflow by adding a custom “Initial worksheet.”

Here is more detailed documentation on how Survey works.

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The screen that shows the list of instances is the instances prompt, as referenced in the links Waylon posted.

You can customize the screen by adding a templatePath column with the path to your template.
The stock template is located at app-designer/instances.handlebars at master · odk-x/app-designer · GitHub