Showing wrong Choice option as selected ODK-X

I am having a funny behavior in ODK Survey. I have a select_one question in my Survey sheet. The options are as follows:

Value Display.text
1 Drug 1
2 Drug 2
3 Drug 3

20 Drug 4

So Drug 1 has value of 1, Drug2 has value 2 and so forth.

When I select an option for example Drug3, the system stores the correct value of 3.
However if I open the record for editing, it will be showing Drug17 as selected even though the value is 3 in the database. For value 3 it is supposed to have Drug3 as selected option.

I am wondering if anyone had an experience with this. Unfortunately this is happening on 5 questions.

Any help will be appreciated.

For select_one, if you are using integers for responses you should either switch to select_one_integer or use =“1” in the excel. I am not 100% sure if this is causing your current problem but it’s a known issue so it’s good to address either way. Another possibility is that there’s an issue in the choices sheet if there are multiple forms writing to the same table, the tableid=formid should have the choices. Hope one of those solves it!

@elmps2018, thanks will try those alternatives.