Status of Sensors Framework?

@W_Brunette What’s the status of Sensors Framework? Do y’all actively use it in ODK 2?

We use it for printing in ODK 1, but it’s not clear to me why it’s a required dependency for printing. Seems easier to just build a print driver.

Sensors framework gets updated with each release we do to the ODK “2” Tool Suite, but we do not have the APIs well documented so we have not done releases. The UW ODK development team does use it and keep it up to date.

With the changes in 2.1.0 the Sensors Drivers need to be updated which is planned to be done in October with the 2.1.1 release. Specifically, the Sensor Drivers available in the public repo.

The Sensors Framework contains the majority of the code as the idea is to have a framework for user-level drivers that handles the OS and system interactions and minimize the work performed in the driver to only the the binary translation (which is specific to the device itself, which is why it needs a driver).

More information about the design be found in this paper:

That being said is there is nothing that prevents puttings the sensors framework code together with the driver. It creates problems if you have more than one driver and also is not a great abstraction leading to lots of copied code. HOWEVER, it is easier for users to install who only care about the single driver.