Unable to finalize ODK2 survey because of required questions


On a related note, I am testing out ODK v2.0 and having some difficulties around required questions. The required questions are skipped normally during form completion (due to if clauses) but then I am unable to finalise the form because of the required questions.

Any suggestions?@Xiphware or anyone?


Have you been able to figure this out? I haven’t responded simply because I dont know enough about ODK2 yet to help… But perhaps bumping this will catch someone’s attention who knows ODK2 better?

Thanks for your reply. No, haven’t had figured it out. Will take another look these days and see if I missed something. Thanks a lot!

@elmps2018, @W_Brunette.

Could you please provide some insights regarding this issue, It wasnt an issue in the beginning but now it is literally preventing from finalizing the forms.



for the solution

Thanks @elmps2018, such a good method, I wish I had seen this before.

But the direct (true, false) way is more convenient, hope it is added in the future releases.