When you dont have the server yet. How can you aggregate all the tablet data and sync all the data in all the tablets

Hello Team,
I haven’t prepared the server yet but for testing reasons I sent 3 tablets to the field to collect the data and have a feel. The data is now in the tablets. I have aggregated the data using export to csv in DBbrower SQLite. How to I push this data to the tablet so that each tablet has all the collated data

Any help please

Hi @Duncan_Otieno! If you have gotten the data exported and compiled in the csv you can import it back into the tablets (basically the opposite of exporting).

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A second option, you can also use suitcase to insert new rows into your database

Many thanks @elmps2018
Using DB Browser sqlite-You can export to csv but it does not allow import on the database in use.
it gives a path image different from the actual path where sqlite db database resides

Hi @hissdev! I don’t think the tools were meant to push something from DB Browser sqlite to the tablet. But if you can export from there you can import using ODK-X tables. That should work, but if it doesn’t, please explain the problem a bit more.

@hissdev, ODK-X frameworks are not designed to handle outside programs changing the database. You will need to understand ODK-X much deeper to make sure you follow ALL row state procedures including synchronization.

ODK Tables supports importing a CSV into the database which will run through ODK-X code that will manage the states correctly.

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@hissdev follow @elmps2018 and @W_Brunette
What you need to make sure is that your imported file name bears exactly the name of your table.updated or just have a look at the examples under assets/csv to help you rename your imported file.
I was following along but was having the error message import failed until I checked on the examples under app\config\assets\csv

Many many thanks @elmps2018 and @W_Brunette


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