Working example of linked_table functionality in rev210

Hi ODK Community,

I was not sure if I should post my ODK2.0 question here or in support. Since I’ve seen other support-like ODK2.0 questions posted here instead of support. Anyways, I’ve been able to successfully setup the rev210 app-designer based on the rev208 “getting started” documentation.

I was able to add my forms to the framework.xlsx file and test them out. However, I noticed that whenever I had a properly configured linked_table entry in my form, the app-designer would not be able to load up the new form and instead display “please wait…” in the app “preview” view.

At first I thought that I mis-configured the linked_table entry, but when I ran the household (and related household_member) forms (the bundled examples with ODK2.0 app designer), they also exhibited the same problem.
Using Shift-Ctrl-J to display the problem, mentions some type error for undefined, if I recall correctly; this same error is displayed for both my form and the household/household_member forms.

Ultimately, I just need to see a working XLSX example with linked_table, and I should be able to ‘reverse-engineer’ what I need to do.


I just tried to preview the household form in App Designer 210 RC1 and it works fine. I also tried the form in Survey 210 RC1 and it also works fine. I’m using Chrome 62 and Android 7.1.1 emulator.

Could you share the error you got, steps you took to get the error (grunt command, buttons clicked in App Designer, etc.) and the browser you are using (name and version)? So that we can better understand what is the issue you have.

Ill be able to look over and edit this post with the exact error around the coming weekend; Ill be sure to include the chrome version, etc.

Chrome Version: 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit)
ODK version: ODK 2.0 rev 210RC1

To see the error directly; see attached copied log; steps to replicate are listed below:

Steps to replicate:

  1. open cmd prompt, navigate to app-designer directory, type grunt then press enter key
  2. chrome browser opens with url: http://localhost:8000/index.html
  3. click on ‘household’ form in preview tab of ODK2.0 rev 210RC1 “webpage”; click on “follow link”
  4. “Create new instance” of household form, click “go to next prompt”
  5. type in barcode ID of: 1234, Next, type in 3 for # of rooms, Next,
  6. Does house have electricity? Yes, Next. Running Water? Yes, Next.
  7. Record Location; entered the following: Latitude: 12, Longitude: 12, Altitude: 1, Accuracy: 1, Next
  8. Take note of Household Members Section description, Next
  9. Screen now says “Make a list of all individuals who normally live in this household”; There is a “create new instance” button.
  10. Shift-Ctrl-J for chrome console; decided to filter by errors and clear current log
  11. Clicking on “Create new instance” button.
  12. Preview now only shows a “Please wait…” Indefinitely
  13. See attached log for error:

Chrome JS Console.txt (9.2 KB)

Thanks for the help!

Hi Lin,

Have you been able to make sense of this error? Thanks!


We are working on fixing the issue in App Designer. You will have to use Survey to use the linked_table function for now.