A communications error occurred. In ODKX Services App Login

“A communications error occurred.
Protocol Error.
Please verify that the server and the device are compatible.”

I get this error, when i try to login with a release version of the odkx services app
It works fine on debug version but not on the release version.

Am using the latest version of the application.
Am not sure what causes this issue.
Some help please, thank you.

Hi @Bruno_W! Can you tell us a bit more about what you are doing when you get the error message? Exactly which version # of ODK-X services are you using? What versions of tables/survey and what server (and sync-endpoint version setup) are you using?

I am using v2.1.8 ODK-X services, tables and survey.

I am using v2.1.7 ODK-X Sync endpoint

am trying to deploy my services app to google playstore.
but the signed version of the apk does not authenticate any users but was working perfectly fine in debug mode.

Hi @Bruno_W! So the message in this case is quite accurate. It is telling you that your server and device are NOT compatible, because you are using different versions. You have v2.1.8 on the tablet apps (Services, Tables, and Survey) and v2.1.7 on your server. You need to use the same version on the tablet and the server for the apps to work.