Adding data to a form after Submission

Hello, I would like users to create data in a form, then have two additional forms to add different data linked to each row once the form has been submitted.

  1. What feature do I need to use to achieve this?
  2. How do I connect the two different forms to the master/parent row?
  3. How can I select 2-3 data elements from the parent to show in the child forms?

Hi @ssmusoke!

Your different child forms are referred to usually as subforms in ODK-X:

Queries link together different tables: and can pass through variables from a parent to a child form.

The sample application also has a nice example with household members and households:

@elmps2018 Thank you very much for the quick feedback. I looked at the household forms and it seems that the household details are entered as part of the survey. Would the Tea_Types and Tea_houses forms be the one similar to this use case.

In my case I am looking to add more data once the parent form has been submitted, this is like user comments on the data provided.

Yes, this is like the tea example too!

So one thing to note with ODK-X is that forms aren’t submitted – there’s bidirectional synchronization so that the forms are on both the server and the tab. So once the parent form is filled out, it is still on the tab, which makes it a lot easier to add data!