An internal error occurred

Dear all

On ODK app, I got An internal error occurred
Internal Error.
Please submit a bug report

Log file:
Log file.txt (2.6 KB)

ODK information: ODK%20issue

  • ODK Services v2.0 Alpha-3 rev 206.apk
  • ODK Tables v2.0 Alpha-8 rev 206.apk

If You have experience with the issue, please share to me.


Hi Thai,

Since that’s an old ODK-X version, it’s very difficult to chase and resolve bugs.

Normally we would get the log files from the device to check for errors. You told me you’ve done that, and there’s nothing obvious appearing in the logs.

The next step you mentioned is to check for configuration issues on that device.

If you discover the cause of the error, please update this thread. It may be useful for someone else in the same situation!

Hi Ben,
Thank for your suggestion. I will try to find root cause.

Dear all,
We have wrong configuration, the issue is resolved with step as bellow:

  1. Reinstall ODK table and Services app
  2. Delete ‘Default’ folder
  3. Restart Devices
  4. Install ODK table and Services app again
  5. Setup Service URL, Server Sign-on Credential, Account.
  6. Sync again



I suggestion you upgrade to version 2.1.x as there are many bug fixes and the protocols have changed.