Android ODK Scan APK File

I am looking for the ODK Scan apk file and I cannot seem to find it. I followed this link which is in the documentation for ODK2 but its not giving me the apk file but instead some zip/tar.giz files.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone can share the link for the apk file for installing on the android phone.

Can I also get step by step instructions on transferring my ODK Scan form to the android phone. The ODK2 documentation is summarized on this one. It just says use grunt adbpush and the forms will go to the tablet.

Thank you.

I am not sure about the file issues, but the documentation is here:

Hi Caroline;
Many thanks for the reply.

The documentation you have sent is the one I am also using. If you check under installing ODK Scan point 3 is:

Navigate to **and download the ODK Scan APK.

But there is no APK file on this link.

Your assistance is much appreciated.



Hi ODK team;

Anyone who can assist on my issue below with any link for the ODK Scan APK download. The one in the documentation * *does not have the APK download file.



I don’t see the Scan APK in the latest release that @clarice_larson posted; @clarice_larson do you know the status of Scan?

Scan is actively upgraded to be compatible with the ODK-X tool suite but it is not actively checked for compatibility of every version of Android during the release process. Therefore, we have not released a full version in over a year. I have posted an APK in the release section that is a ‘pre-release’. Other users build their own APKs and do their Q&A testing.

If you would like to help out and take some ownership of Scan testing and fixing please let us know.