APK File for Customized Survey and Services Apps


Recently, I’m working with ODK-X to make an survey form. With the help of ODK-X documentation and active ODK-X forum, I deployed a form to smartphone with the help of Azure cloud server. Till now, what I’ve understood is one must have “ODK-X Services” app and one more “ODK-X Survey” or/and “ODK-X Table” to access the forms. And, either via grunt adbpush or server synchronization, one can get the forms deployed in their smartphone.

I was more curious about an apk_file which is capable of installing the customized ODK-X Services and ODK-X Survey apps. What more process must be done to get it?

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Yes you are correct, you do need to install the Services app and ODK-X Tables or/and ODK-X Survey depending on your needs.

I’m not sure I understand your question, are you asking about a single .apk file to install both the Services and Survey application?


@Prashant the customization is automatically synchronized to the mobile device by connecting to a sync-endpoint.

ODK-X Services, ODK-X Survey, and ODK-X Tables are rendering frameworks for the config and data files you synchronize to the sync-endpoint that is then synchronized to all the mobile devices with permission to access the sync-endpoint.


Hi @Esther-Phebe,

Thanks for replying. Yes, I am interested to get a single .apk file that can do the work of service and survey application. Although, I don’t get the point of having 3-4 separate apps (Service, Survey, Table, Scan etc.) instead of one single app.

@W_Brunette , May you throw some light on the point of having 3-4 separate ODK-X apps instead of one single app?


@Prashant there are many reasons and it would be better as discussion during the community call. One issue is it would be a rather large apk and less capable mobile devices would not handle it well. Another is we want interoperability so for example at one point Scan could use Collect or Survey to enter data based on the organizations familarity.

One of our goals is develop a .apk creator that you select the functionality you want and upload a logo and we generate your apk for your organization with your logo and the needed functionality included. However, this is on the long term roadmap.