Are there other sources for more detailed ODK-X documentation?

I’m looking at the examples of ODK-X forms (ODK Survey) in the demo app. There seem to be many features that are not described in the current documentation. Where can I find more information?

A couple examples :

  1. I’m especially interested in the queries worksheet and it’s power to link data between tables. (I can see some of this from the Tea houses examples.

2)It seems like there are alternate methods for setting up an Identifiying field (instead of _id guid) for a table. I’m having trouble understanding how to do this.

2a) In some examples, the _id is a guid, in others, the _id a sequence like t1, t2, t3, in others, the guid _id has the uuid: prefix. How is this controlled?

  1. When pulling data from a related form, I could use more information on how to describe the relationships (identifying fields for selecting the related records), and values fields for describing which data to display from the selected record.


Hi @fvandyk!

The features of ODK-X are a bit ahead of the documentation, so we are working away to address that! Some of your features may already be documented, though.

For example for

this is documented in:

I think for your #2) it has a lot to do with whether you are preloading or generating data for your identifying field; if you preload ids you can load in howsoever you want into the _id variable

I do not think #3) is very well documented yet, but you can use a column in queries of fieldName to pull particular data from a selected records. The identifying records is documented in terms of SelectionArgs in the queries link above.

Hope that helps!