AWS EC2 instance: Troubleshooting 502 bad gateway error

I manually setup sync-endpoint on AWS EC2 instance. On trying to access, I see 502 bad gateway nginx/1.19.2 displayed. It remains so even after several attempts. Any ideas as to how this can be resolved? I followed all steps of manual setup successfully (for http or port 80), and the system logs show no error.

Are you sure all your services come up in the stack? Check the logs of each container.

One simple method to check for problems is to very how long all of your services have been running. If there are problems a service will likely not have not been up for a long time as the system will try to restart them after a couple of minutes.

Sometimes there are transient problems that fix themselves if you remove the stack and then deploy the stack after the “rm” command full shuts everything down (can take a few minutes).

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