Behaviour of the [back]-button when previous pages were skipped

Hi, we have a survey in which some pages get skipped, depending on some characteristics of the respondents.

What happens now, is that whenever the enumerator presses the pack button, after such a page, they get redirected to an overview page, instead of the last question they filled. That is very confusing to enumerators.
Is there a way to fix that behavior and make the back-button skip the last page that was not skipped?

Hi @Simon_Hess!

So at least in my surveys, they do want you want – they go back to the previous page. Generally the ODK-X Survey app is path dependent (so if you answer Q1 on page 1, Q2 on page 2, etc., then you can go backwards from Q2 on page 2 to Q1 on page 1). However, if you use the contents menu to move around, that will also be reflected (e.g. if you go from Q1 to the overview page and then Q2, if you hit back from Q2, it will go to the overview page). If this doesn’t answer your question/solve the issue, can you share the xlsx for the form that you are having trouble with? You can also test some of the example forms that come with the standard app designer download to see if they are behaving more like what you want.

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I think our problem seems to be related to sections. Our problem is that it always jumps right back to the overview instead of the previous section/row. And when I then click on “next” again, I’m jumping to the screen after the one I pressed “back” on. So pressing Back and Next after another takes me to a different screen than from where I started.

I’m attaching a minimal working example. Would be great if someone could confirm the behavior and/or provide ideas for a workaround. backButton.xlsx (16.1 KB)

Hi @Simon_Hess! Ah-ha, yes, okay, sections can make things trickier, see here: ODK-X Survey Form Processing — ODK-X Docs for some details. You should be able to implement skip patterns within sections so that you can go backwards and forwards within a section fine – I only use sections for pretty substantial navigation aspects of a survey (where this behavior makes more sense).

Ok thanks. We’ll try that.

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