BLOB data type in form

I wonder how can I define the datatype of BLOB while creating a form. I see in the documentation that:

BLOBs, long strings (e.g., MySQL TEXT fields) and arbitrary files can be associated with any data row. These are stored as files and viewed as ‘attachments’ of the row. If a row has an attachment, the row is expected to have one or more columns in its data table that contain the path to that attachment.`

This BLOB data will be received by an external app, and I want to save it to a form field so that it can sync to all my devices. I won’t have BLOB data as an attachment, so I don’t understand how do I associate it with data row. Can somebody help, please? Thanks.

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The correct answer is to define a custom type that does what you want. ODK-X XLSX Converter Reference — ODK-X Docs you will also need to define your handlebar template and your javascript for your custom type.

You could use a media type to attach the file as it creates a link to any file. Picture, Audio, Video, etc all inherent from media type.