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Hi ODK2.0 Users,household_member.xlsx (12.6 KB)

I tried to build a household form for the survey. At the moment, when I add more questions and run the project, I can’t go to the next question page. It bounced back to the welcome page. Could someone please give idea.

Hello Narendra S Thakuri,

I had made changed and add one more questions Which class are you in ? . It works perfect here.

Please get attached of XLS file household_member.xlsx (11.7 KB)

Hope this works for you,

Dinesh Dongol

Thanks Dinesh Ji,
Actually I wanted to get a household information and then capture data of each household members. There are two forms; household and Household_member.
I think Household.xlsx file is fine. But if I want to change/add question on household_member.xlsx file and run the project, it can’t to go to further step. It comes back to the welcome page. Could you please suggest here.

household.xlsx (14.6 KB)
household_member.xlsx (13.1 KB)

Does you mean you want to repeat the question for each Household members ?

Suppose if there are 3 household members. You want to ask for questionnaire for 3 household members each time ?

Dinesh Dongol

Yes, the question would be repeated for each household members. But the question will not appear on the screen, instead it returned back to the main page.

Hello Narendra S Thakuri,

you should used begin repeat so that the questions would be repeated for each household members.

Please get attached of the sample of the xls form that i had done that ask question for each household memebers by adding group each time. HH_members.xls (26.5 KB)

Hope this works for you.

Dinesh Dangol

Thanks @Dnes_Dangol,
I tried with this one.