Broken links to documentation

Just a heads up that the links to ODK-X documentation (e.g., pdf file for Tables and Survey) appear to be broken. I get a “File not found” error when trying to link to those files.

Thanks for letting us know Rob! Could you perhaps give us the exact links where you had the issue? I am not sure which pdf files you are referring to…

@RJP thanks for letting us know. We are working on redoing the file structure to replace the ‘2’ with ‘-X’ and there have been a few issues.

Issue filed:

Hi all,
To clarify, I get the “file not found” for pdf documents of each tool within ODK-X:
ODK Survey
ODK Tables
ODK Services
ODK Application Designer
ODK Cloud Endpoints
ODK Suitcase

Should be fixed now. It’s a single PDF.