Browser ODK Survey

Hello, I hope everyone is well.

I was reading the website and community, but unfortunately couldn’t find anything about this.
The organization I work for wants to collect data from different users using a browser, on phone or computer, without the need of the user installing an app.
This would send the information to a database or csv, where the db would pull the data.

Is that possible with ODK-X?
If the post already exists, please, point me in the right way.
Thank you in advance for helping!


Hi @Gabe! So the ODK-X tools require installing some kind of app – specifically the ODK-X apps – directly on a tablet or phone. You can use a computer with an Android emulator alternatively, but again have to install the apps. The apps are very easy to install for users, though, see: Installing ODK-X Basic Tools — ODK-X Docs