Can not access local aggregate server from odk survey app

I can not access the aggregate server that I have configured locally from the ODK Survey App,
Though I can access it from the browser of the similar android device.

I am using ODK survey app as mentioned on an android tablet.

I have left port 80 open on the firewall as I have configured apache on port 80, but still can’t get through

The error message that it gives while I try to sync is as below.

Wifi Gateway or configuration Error.
Please verify the server URL and that your device browser can access your server.

Worth to mention that the android device is connected to a router which is then connected to the very network that my PC is connected.

hope I have made it clear.


I don’t know what version of the ODK Survey app you are using, but it might be worth to review the docs at and upgrade to the latest versions. The latest will require the Sync Endpoint which is a better server solution for ODK Survey than Aggregate.

Thank you for the reply, of course, you are right about Sync Endpoint sir, I did try that also but faced some minor problems while configuring it,
I used docker toolbox on Oracle virtualbox, everything went smooth but in the end I couldn’t access it on