Cannot Login to Web User Interface After Updating SSL

Dear Community,

Something strange happened on my server. SSL had expired and someone updated it.

What is the problem? I am not able to login to the web user interface after someone updated ssl. I checked docker container running and noticed is named sync2. This looks strange to me because it is always syncldap. Where did sync2 come from?

What have I done so far? I have pulled down the sync2 container using docker stack rm sync2. I have also restarted the right instance with docker stack deploy -c docker docker-compose.yml -c docker-compose-https.yml syncldap. Syncldap is up but still shows ssl has expired.

Something strange is that my syncldap instance still show ssl has expired but I can still login to the web interface. When I run docker stack deploy -c docker docker-compose.yml -c docker-compose-https.yml sync2 then ssl are installed but I am unable to login. There is only one instance installed on my server and I do not know what is happenning.

Could someone help me please.

I am not sure how “old” your checkout of sync-endpoint-default-setup is. If it has the certbot stuff in it, you should be able to rerun the python script.

First stop your docker stack then run the script which should relaunch it. Also, it will try to rebuild containers to the latest so depending on how old might cause issues.

Safer option, follow this post on how to launch certbot manually (again if you are using the sync-endpoint version that switched to certbot).

Thanks @W_Brunette. I am looking at the post you have suggested. But, it looks strange because I have created a new user to the system and managed to login. What surprised me is that there are no forms and data to this system. It looks like a new instance I have installed today yet this an instance that has been in use for the last 3 years. I am using my own ssl certificates purchased by organization.