Case Management in ODK2

Hi all,

Looking to build a checklist-style survey in ODK2, what’s the case management capacity in ODK2 for something like this?


@lkowalski18 Have you had a chance to skim the reference apps at

Thanks, I should have been a little more specific. I’m looking for specs on the number of cases/individual records that ODK can handle (rather than for features)! Any suggestions?

@lkowalski18 the only constraints we have run in to so far in terms of how many records ODK2 can handle are the constraints on tablet and server capacity (which are resolvable with bigger tablets and servers!). The amount of data you are managing is going to depend on how many different forms and sub-forms (surveys and cases on multiple levels–like individuals within a household) you are dealing with, the types of data (variables/questions) you are collecting, and then for how many cases.

Aside from the tablet/server hardware constraints, we have not run into or heard of any constraints on number of cases. We are running lengthy surveys (thousands of variables) over 14 forms/sub-forms across ~16,000 households (80,000 individuals, with hundreds of thousands of births, jobs, etc.).

Hope that helps!

Thanks Caroline, very helpful!