Change column Status after sync or finalize automatique

My survey is connected to sap, I have like 2530 row, I already filter data with Column status so the can see only the todo status or outofscope . now I want when they sync with the server the status change tocheck or done.
Is anybody can help me with JS file or from the survey that changes a specific column if he does finalize or sync?
I don’t know like assign or something I want to assign done to the column status if he finalizes

It would be easier to do things like this in Tables than Survey. If you make a landing page in Tables that the user will be directed to when you come back from the user finalizing a Survey you can easily update the value to done on return to Tables.

Since finalize is at the end of the Survey framework it will be more a challenge to insert the code to run at the correct time.

You could try to use isFinalized() in a calculates, though I am not sure if Surevey recalculates after a user finalizes but might be worth a try though. Here is a list of JS functions added by Survey

Another possible option to update a variable after finalization within the Survey frameworkI would also take a look at overriding the custom initialize worksheet. You maybe able to add an assign after type finalize:

You may want to read this post to understand more about the “initial” worksheet.

Let us know what you find out.