Changing user passwords in ODK Services/Aggregate

Hi Caroline,

I’m working with Aggregate 1.4.15, but I think this should work the same. In general I would recommend upgrading to the released versions of the ODK 2.0 tools. See the announcement here. The older versions are experimental and may have more bugs than the released versions. I know that the Services error messages for synchronization and authentication have been improved in the full release.

Looking at the Aggregate release notes, it seems like rev 208 should be compatible with Aggregate 1.4.13. To confirm, did your authentication work before changing the user’s password?

I assume you are looking at the “Site Admin” tab, “Permissions” page, “Edit Users” section. The “Change Password” button here will change an individual user’s password, not a server password. That password corresponds to that user, and the boxes to the right define that users permissions. Be sure to click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the list after making any changes.

Since you are using the ODK 2.0 tools, make sure you’ve checked the “ODK Tables Synchronization Functionality” box on the “Preferences” page of the “Site Admin” tab. Back in the “Edit Users” section, you will want to check the “Synchronize Tables” box to allow the user to submit data. The “Data Collector”, “Data Viewer”, and “Form Manager” boxes all relate to ODK 1.0 functionality. “Synchronize Tables” allows users to submit and receive data with ODK Services. You will also want at least one user with the “Administer Tables” permissions, which will allow them to Reset the App Server (pushing your app code and table definitions up).

Please let me know if any of this helps with your problem, or if you still have issues authenticating.