ODK 2.0 Tool Suite Release - v2.0.0

The first release of the ODK 2.0 Tool Suite is now available for download!

The ODK 2.0 Tool Suite (suite will be renamed as part of ODK transition) is an alternative to the ODK 1.x Tool Suite designed for complex workflows and information management rather than a replacement. Since 2.0 is based on a different set of standards than 1.x, a simple migration path does not yet exist. Information about the 2.0 Tool Suite can be found at http://opendatakit-dev.cs.washington.edu/2_0_tools. Documentation about the release is available at http://opendatakit-dev.cs.washington.edu/2_0_tools/release/214.

The initial release of the 2.0 Tool Suite consists of:

  • Tables
  • Survey
  • Services
  • App Designer
  • Sync Endpoint
  • Suitcase

The release notes for the 2.0 Tool Suite can be found at https://github.com/opendatakit/opendatakit/wiki/Tools-Suite-Release-Notes.

Version 2.0.0 rev 214 APKs are compatible with our new Sync Endpoint and Aggregate 1.4.15.

A preview of an early experimental alpha version of ODK Deploy (an Application Designer replacement) is also available at https://github.com/jbeorse/deploy.

Documentation for getting started with the Sync Endpoint is available at:

Detailed documentation about the APIs can be found at: