Clicking on "next" or another select field too fast, results in data loss

When the enumerators click on “next” before the gray highlight of a select_one or select_many has vanished or if they interact with another one, the response is not saved. This is very inconvenient. Are other’s experiencing the same?

Would there be a way to prevent this? E.g., through CSS/js disabling of all interactive elements until the data is saved?

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We have occasionally run into this, but primarily when going very fast through testing (when enumerators are actually reading questions in the field this is not usually an issue). It definitely relates to how many items and especially calculations or really complex choice filters you have on a screen, so we often break up longer/more intensive screens. There may be a better underlying tech fix as well.

One other possibility: we found it essential to turn off the “auto rotate” option on our tablets. If a form is only partially completed and auto-rotate is on, when the tablet is rotated (i.e., display changes from portrait to landscape) the partially recorded form is wiped clean of records and we have to start over on that record.

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