Data submission in odk 2.0

I would like to know how data is sent to the server in odk 2.0. In this version the submission button wasn’t provided


As a reminder the usage models for ODK 1.x tool suite and ODK 2.x tool suite are meant to be different as they serve different use cases.

The ODK 2.0 tool suite is based on the concept of a local database that gets synchronized with the server. Therefore, to transmit data to the server you would synchronize the database. This has the same effect of ODK 1.x concept of “sending a submission to the server” but it also downloads all other changes to the database as well.

You should see synchronize buttons in the ODK 2.0 apps (e.g., Survey, Tables).

Hope this helps. Please feel free to ask more detailed questions and I can maybe link you to more appropriate resources.

Thanks for the update. This is really a nice upgrade.