Date constraints and async_assign

Hi @elmps2018! Thank you for your response. I seem not be able to get the constraints work properly. The date is being stored as YYYY-MM-DD which is the format I am using in the constraint.
I have attached here the sheet I am using.
Also included is the async_assign_count function I am trying to use (following your response from another thread). I still seem not to be able to get it working. I hope you would not mind checking both for me. I have simplified the form and left just where the issues are which I have highlighted also in the template.

I would appreciate your assistance on where I am getting it wrong.date_Form.xlsx (64.4 KB)

Hi @cmuchuchuti! Split this out since the other poster’s question had been resolved.

For async_assign, you need to follow all the instructions in terms of the customprompttypes.js and handlebars here: Using ODK-X XLSX Converter — ODK-X Docs under customizing prompts. It is not just the excel form that governs this.

One other issue I can see right away with the async_assign is that you do not have the variable you are trying to assign in your model sheet, you need to add it there with the correct type.

For the date of interview constraint, you could try breaking apart to first test the year component and then add the month and day to see if you can find the bug or figure out a better structure that way.

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