Dec '22 Outreachy Internship: Creating custom UI components for ODK-X Apps

Hi hi,

I am Ukpong Godswill (he/him). I am an Outreachy - Fall 2022 intern with ODK-X. I am so excited to be working on this project.

I’ll be working on updating and creating custom UI components for ODK-X. This would involve examining the recent design improvements and updated style guide, determine which widgets and layouts need updating and create the UI uplifts.

My timezone is (West Africa/Lagos) UTC +1:00

You can catch me here:
Github: @Cveman1
LinkedIn: @cavemann
Twitter: @cavemann01
and my blog:


Congratulations @Godswill - so exciting to be getting started! Really looking forward to seeing what you design and create.


Thanks for the warm welcome Ben!